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Since 2013 we have been providing our service, in Portland, at God Bless you Handyman of Portland, Oregon, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality work at a good price. Here where you can see an extensive gallery of our projects and get in touch with us. Maintenance and repair tasks around the home or workplace, painting, and general home maintenance. We are often hired to complete small jobs or projects that do not require the expertise of a specialized contractor. Typically have a broad range of skills and experience, it is important to ensure that we are properly licensed, insured, and bonded. Our priorities are our clients to ensure that the we make a good job reputation and quality. priorities, Thank you for visiting my website We hope to service you soon!

✓ Fence ✓ Siding ✓ Trim ✓ Framing ✓ Drywall ✓ Flooring ✓ Decks ✓ Cabinets ✓ Remodeling ✓ Bathrooms ✓ Kitchens ✓ Doors ✓ Windows ✓ Tile ✓ Back flash ✓ interior exterior paint

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Fences can provide a barrier between your property, Privacy, Security, and Safety: can help keep children and pets safe.


Siding refers to the protective exterior material that covers the walls. It serves to protect the building from weather, moisture, and other environmental factors.


Functional elements that are used to finish and enhance the appearance of interior and exterior surfaces. Include elements such as baseboards, door and window etc.


Framing refers to the structural system that provides support for a building. Typically consists of a series of interconnected wooden or metal beams, columns, and joists that form a framework to support the weight of the building and its contents


Drywall is commonly used in residential and commercial construction because it is relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and can be finished to create a smooth surface for painting or wallpapering. It also provides some fire resistance and sound insulation.


Flooring material that is used to cover the floor of a building. Is an important element of interior design and can have a significant impact on the overall look.


Designed to provide a platform for outdoor entertainment, relaxation, and recreation, and can be a valuable addition to any home


Cabinets are installed above countertops and are designed to provide additional storage space for dishes, glasses, and other kitchen items

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✓ Remodeling ✓ Bathrooms ✓ Kitchens ✓ Doors ✓ Windows ✓ Tile ✓ Back flash ✓ Interior / Exterior paint

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Count on the contractors at Leams Construction & Handyman Services LLC to take care of all your painting and remodeling needs. With over 10 years of experience in the industry. Request your FREE estimate today!

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